SucksPal is gone.

( 2018-12-26 12:20:57 )

Dear Member,

SucksPal is gone.

Well, it happened to us as well. Don't ask why as it just happened overnight for no reason so we still do not know why either. SucksPal has effectively decided that after running the same type of business for over 09 years through them, that they would permanently limit our account, meaning that we can no longer use any of SucksPal services, effective immediately. All of that without even supplying any hint of reasoning for their decision. No explanations on the phone, no e-mail response, no nothing. Of course they also keep a hold on our funds illegally.

We are now looking for another way to make payment to those who use PayPal. I will request the user to keep the patience for the PayPal Payment. Your money is safe.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best Regards

Chnage In Payment Term

( 2018-08-26 14:12:40 )

Dear Members,

There is a change in our payment terms, Which are mentioned below and same is updated on our Terms and Condition page. This Change will be effective from 27-August-2018. Your Continued activity on this site will be treated as your acceptance of this change.

If most of your revenue is generated from CPA offers (Surveys),the payment mode will be NET-45/NET-60. All publishers are requested to withdraw their funds at the end of each month. If any withdrawal is in the middle of month it's payment time will be calculated from last date of that month


Welcome to MyAdWall

( 2016-05-26 20:16:21 )

MyAdWall welcomes every members at our platform.

My Ad Wall is an Innovative OfferWall Network. We work and operate in such manner that we are always top Choice for our Advertisers and Publishers. We always focus to pay our Affiliates the better rates on our offers as compared to other networks so that our publisher can maximize their revenue.